PuSh-ing for Technology

This year’s PuSh International Performing Arts Festival runs from January 10th – February 4th.

In this week’s schedule, three shows offer up an eye-grabbing blend of live performance set against video + film recordings. CABINET Interdisciplinary Collaborations (Vancouver) is presenting Projections (January 18-19 8pm at the Roundhouse) featuring a newly commissioned score by George Lewis for Kate Craig’s Mary Lou (The Rest is Missing); a collaboration between Hadley+Maxwell and composer Stefan Smulovitz; and Bill Viola’s visual accompaniment to Edgar Varese’s Deserts.

Over at the Scotiabank Dance Centre, Eddie Ladd will be performing Scarface (January 19-20 8pm and 20 4pm) – a dance/theatre/ multi-media tribute to Scarface (1983) in what The Georgia Straight has described as “a virtuosic homage to the original film’s excess”.

And thirdly, Vancouver’s Eye of Newt ensemble (arguably best known for their Silent Summer Night performances on the Drive) performs an original score to Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et la bete with American jazz musician Wayne Horvitz at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre on January 23rd (8pm).


– Aurelea.


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