CultureNet Speaker Series

Playing with the GTR Language Workbench

Dr. Andrew Klobucar is presenting a hands-on GTR Language Workbench talk on Friday, November 2nd in the Writing Centre computer lab (Fir building, room 404) at 11:00am.

The Language Workbench – which can accessed in the Capilano College Writing Centre Computer Lab – is the product of a collaboration between Andrew and computer programmer David Ayre. The tool is a digital studio for language which allows for any number of literary and aesthetic modifications to texts, similar to the way current graphic design software like Photoshop and audio software like Sound Forge permit artists to create, modify and combine different visual and sound pieces.

All are welcome – simply arrive at the Writing Centre ready to play!

Time: 11:00am
Date: Friday, November 2nd
Location: Writing Centre Computer Lab (Fir building room, 404)

Upcoming speakers include Maureen Witney (Capilano College librarian), Kate Armstrong (Vancouver-based artist, critic and writer) and Michael Tippett (found of NowPublic) – announcements with dates and times forthcoming.


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