Virtual communities: The CNET 101 students are working with Michele A. Willson‘s book Technically Together: Rethinking Community within Techno-Society as they begin their second term in CultureNet‘s two year program. The focus in Term Two is technology and community/identity. After reading the opening chapters of Willson, they began to compare craigslist vancouver with Architecture for Humanity. Willson asks us to explore community with reference to following constructs: bonding/connection, reciprocity/recognition, commonality/identity, and time/space.

That said, CNET 101 students were arguing craigslist is a simply collection of individuals united by their shared (perceived) needs – a space driven by the desire to “get what you want”. The students were not terribly convinced of its value in “rethinking community withing techno-society” – especially given the space’s strong resemblance to newspaper want ads or the sorts of notices found on boards at community centres and churches. Instead they were more convinced by the collaborative ethos – the shared vision – behind Architecture for Humanity and its ability to revolutionize how we think about building and buildings in the digital age – how we think about connecting to one another both globally and locally . . .

Local communities: On Friday, February 1st we are off to check out the new warehouse space housing FreeGeek Vancouver – a local collective dedicated to building ethical digital communities face-to-face and online. A warm thanks to David Repa, the FreeGeek Coordinator, for having us over for a tour and QA session. A field trip report to follow.


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