CAP YI – Community Access Program Youth Initiative

CAP YI is an acronym for Community Access ProgramYouth Initiative. A program that takes 50 young adults, every year, between the ages of fifteen and thirty and hires them for a minimum of four months to work as a part of the CAPprogram at one of the many CAP sites. The CAP sites are dedicated to bridging the gap of the digital divide and making sure that computer and internet access is available to all, also providing the knowledge and help needed. The Youth Initiative is funded by Human Resources and Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy and aims to provide employment opportunities and work experience essential to obtaining a good job in today’s technological market. Along with helping themselves, the young adults have a chance to help the community and learn hands on about computers and the internet that drives the economy. There are two components of the Youth Initiative that young adults may be hired for. The first is Summer Work Experience, where young adults must be in school before applying for the internship and be planning to return full-time after the internship. The Second is Career Focus where a high school graduation diploma is a must, along with some form of post-secondary education. The young adults from both programs will be involved in activities such as: helping and teaching others about computers and their applications such as the internet, developing and modifying websites for CAP and promoting CAP and the Youth Initiative.


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  1. Sounds really Interesting would love to know more.
    Im currently studying at
    an international youth initiative program.

    You can read mroe on my blog

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