The Vice Broadcast System is an online broadcasting network that shows a variety of original programming on line. VBS shows original programming that you may not see on television.
The network is grouped into News, Music and Culture.
The News programming includes shows like “Toxic Alberta” and “the Vice Guide to North Korea.” “Toxic Alberta takes a look at what is happening in the Northern Alberta oil extraction business. “The Vice Guide to North Korea,” is a funny look into one of the most talked about countries in the world.
In the Music section you will find great shows like “Practice Space.” Practice space takes you into the houses and building where up and coming bands play and practice music. It gives you a chance to hear what a band sounds like and hear what the band members have to say.
The last section has to do with everything culture related. In here you will find a variety of shows that talk about everything cultural. Things like art, (“Art Talk”) hitch hiking across the country, (“Thumbs Up”) or skateboarding. (“Epicly Laterd”)
VBS is a good source for generating ideas based on what is going on in the world today. It gives you a chance to see programming that you would not get to see on TV.


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