The Politics of Self-Portraiture

CultureNet Friday Seminars

Friday, March 14th – Dr. Sharla Sava (York University)

11:00am – 12:20pm in Birch 125

“I Shot Myself: Surveillance as Empowerment”: The expanding popularity of on-line portraiture via Web 2.0 platforms such as Flickr and Facebook is similar in many ways to Reality TV programming, serving as a creative and strategic response to the experience of living in a surveillance society. Dr. Sava’s research and this Friday’s talk examine how the digital domain appears to foster individual agency and self-empowerment, transforming both performance and surveillance into accepted, and even desirable, social practices.

Biography: Sharla Sava received her PhD from Simon Fraser University’s School of Communication. She has lectured, curated exhibitions, and published a variety of articles about art after modernism, discussing the works of Robert Filliou (From Political to Poetical Economy, 1995), Ray Johnson (How Sad I am Today, 1999), Antonia Hirsch (Gridlock, 2007), and Robyn Laba (Precarity, 2007) among others. Since graduating in 2006, Sharla has taught art history, visual culture, and media studies, and is currently contracted as Assistant Professor at York University’s Department of Visual Art. She is working with McGill-Queens University Press on a book entitled Cinematic Pictures: The Art of Jeff Wall, which is based on her doctoral research.

Event open to all Capilano College students, faculty + staff.

For more information contact Aurelea Mahood at culturenet@capcollege.

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