Glossary Entry – Digital Division

The definition of digital division is the cultural division caused by limited access to computers and internet in today’s society. This division most often affects the people in the low income bracket who cannot afford to purchase a computer or internet access and the elderly, who have not grown up using computers. Many elderly are often intimidated by the new technological advancements and therefore avoid the new computer and internet era completely. Statistics show that only 40% of people in Canada have access to the computer, however computer and internet access and literacy have become so vital in most parts of the world. The internet access has been equated similarly to basic human rights. Without this access, people’s standard of living is greatly diminished and their possibilities at job opportunities, education, freedom of expression, and access to information are greatly limited.

Community based organizations have been implemented to bridge the digital gap. Community Access Program (CAP) and Free Geek are examples of such organizations.
The CAP program provides computer and internet access to those in need and encourages online literacy and learning. Free Geek is a volunteer based organization. This program allows volunteers to gain knowledge about the internal workings of computers and the organization, itself, sells computers and computer parts for prices below retail value.


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