Glossary Entry: Identity

To have an identity is to have the sense of self, providing sameness and continuity in personality. Also, an identity affects how a person is placed in culture. But since the introduction of technologies in which an identity can be altered, the term to have an “identity” is now loosely defined. Especially with online identities, people now have the opportunity to “be” someone else and can often develop a whole other lives for themselves.
As described in Slack and Wise’ book, creating identities is often used in gaming practices. A man can play a male or a female, or he does not even have to be human. And same goes for a woman. This choice can be used to the player’s advantage, especially for the male players because “being” a female would often be beneficial after manipulating a fellow male player.

To have a different identity online, people are now able to have the characteristics that they lack in reality. But can easily become addicted to their alter-ego and became more unsatisfied with their real self and often result in cases of depression or isolation.


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