For their final project, the Year One CultureNet students were asked to take a conventional print-based research or position paper and convert it into a web-based project for consumption by an audience other than their peers and instructor.  Nicole Lim took her Psychology 100 paper on baby boomers + health care and turned it into a web-based resource for senoirs.  Jamie Cue took a CultureNet 101 position paper on community and turned it into a web-based exploration of community.  Likewise, Jordan Harbord Harbord took terms explored in Communications 112 and CultureNet 100 to create a multi-media meditation on the present/future and manifest destiny.

In Year Two, we anticipate pairing CultureNet students with Computing Science students to create web-based projects that synthesize programming and the humanities for their own take on the “digital humanities”.  The 2008/09 projects will be inspired by VECTORS – a multi-media journal published by the University of Southern California, which brings together academics and designers to rethink how we receive information and ideas produced in a scholarly setting.

Here we have Jamie, Jordan, and Nicole’s web projects paired with their design statements where they explain the thinking behind the translation of the print-based project into a web-based project.

Jamie Cue: FACEBOOK VS. COMMUNITY and Design Statement

Jordan Harbord Harbord: We Are Living In The Future and Design Statement

Nicole Lim: Baby Boomers and Health Care and Design Statement


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