Swarm: a drove, a moving crowd.

The New Forms Fesitval is mobile on many levels this time round.

NFF 08, which runs from September 4th to 27th, has great looking line-up of events including Swarm at Mt Pleasant and Swarm Gastown.  The NFF describes itself as “part of a larger, international, multi-media festival movement, which explores the ever changing and evolving world of art and creates a platform for artistic growth. The society wishes to make new media art, music, film, technology base-based installation and performance accessible to a wider audience”. CultureNet faculty and students anticipate particapting in the NNF08 OpenMobile forum on Sunday, September.

Also look out for CNET participation in The Kiss Mass Mobile Mob on Thursday, September 25th – part of National Digital Media Day – a project being spearheaded by JennyO.  After our first Year 1 and Year 2 CNET seminars of new school year, we will have more details on our upcoming excursions and creations.

And so here’s to swarming near you soon.


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