Why Read?

By Joseph Gunulfsen

Certainly, everyone reads for different reasons or motives. Some use reading as a form of procrastination, while others procrastinate and avoid the dreadful chore by all means possible. While reading is a drag for some and an escape for others, I feel it has much to offer us all. It allows us to see and attempt to understand the perspectives of others and think more flexibly. At the same time, it strengthens our ever growing vocabulary which, in turn, provides us with a more precise way of expressing ourselves. I often fail to arrive at the exact word for which I am searching. In a moment such as this, I think to myself that if I read more regularly I would not draw as many blanks while looking for the most appropriate word.

Reading also informs us of current world affairs, as do televisions and radios, but watching or listening to the news limits not only the ability to spell, but the imagination as well. I think it is important that we each interpret the same exact text or reading somewhat differently. The beauty of reading is that it allows us to create our own unique ideas and mental images. No two people will ever share the exact same mental image of an abandoned, yellow shack with shattered windows next to the big, gnarly cypress tree down the dirt road on a stormy night.

Ultimately, there is an abundance of positive reasons that everyone should make a commitment to read. Although for some people commitment is not necessary, because for them the desire to read is already present.


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