Position Paper ~ Raj, Bohemian

By Nick Fulton

This was an outstanding piece of literature. I felt a vibe and mania while reading this story. The setup of modern New York, the way they went about showing their roles in this world and how technology helped shape it. I saw this writing as stating the way in which we can lose ourselves and identities due to the technology each of us carry in our hands. One picture could literally steal your identity for others use. The character development and effort they put into creating a world around this idea was what caught my attention. I saw them as similar to the club kid generation in New York, the alternative “It” people who shape the world around them. My interest in that time period and even earlier with Andy Warhol just showed my bias with this piece. I liked the concept of the sincere party. It was interesting to reflect back at the story,” everyone comes dressed sincerely” didn’t mean to some that they needed to be sincere just be dressed accordingly.

The introduction of Raj was interesting. He is described as charismatic, charming, and beautiful. He is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. His intentions far from sincere were to sell a product.  I wonder if Raj were a real person if he would have realized his actions sent someone into a manic episode and how he would have acted knowing this. I identified with our main character during that manic episode. The way he was outraged and then even more so when his friends weren’t just as outraged.  I am a passionate person when it comes to capitalism and the using of people and roles in society. If my identity was ever stolen I would be just as angered just as manic and cause just as much of a fuss over it. I believe privacy is one of the few things people have left and it’s their right to protect it.

This piece offers great insight into how technology is not only shaping our social life but how it can alter our self images, and invade our lives. Technology is a great power that can be used; this isn’t just referring to good or bad but the use of everything. We have to be media savvy and be able to protect ourselves from the Raj’s of the world. So next time you’re at an exclusive party be aware of people with camera phones who’s intentions seem off when they get you just try a sip.


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