Zhang Huan’s Journey

By Stephen Cross

Born in 1965 in He Nan China, Zhang Huan’s journey from rags to riches commenced with his New York debut in 1998. He lived a rough life with next to nothing and strived just to put food on the table for his family. He received his MA at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, and his BA at He Nan in Kai Feng. His methods of expressing his views to the community was truly unique and changed drastically as he was introduced to a new way of life. Through his body he believes he can connect with his audience and bring his previous experiences over seas. Zhang Huan states “It’s about going from one place to another, and bringing what you have to offer to each new place.” Because of his sudden change in such radical living styles, he can relate to more people than most people can, and provide its similarities and differences. Even though all of his works of art are made from a Buddhist point of view, they slowly started to adapt a modern twist. At the Vancouver Art Gallery he had an exhibit that showcased over 50 pieces or art, that included paintings, photographs, and sculptures. Each of which push his body physically and mentally to new levels. At first it is tough to understand his message, how he is proving his points, and what he hopes to accomplish but after careful analysis and some consideration an underlying meaning is eventually discovered.


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