Bluetooth versus Candlelight

By Salome Fornier-Hanlon

There was a time when communication was only done face to face; where confrontation involved another presence in order to divulge whatever was on ones mind. Sherry Turkle’s article “Always On, Always On You: The Tethered Self” discusses today’s society and how that world that once existed has been replaced by one governed by communication technologies. Her passage explaining “The Connections That Matter” is especially valuable to me. Her elaboration of how we are always reachable, yet no longer present, and how we speak of private matters openly in public places, strengthened my opinions of communication technological domination.

We are controlled by a world of technology. Everywhere we go; our technological devices follow, attached to us physically and by their integration in our identities. This new part of us makes us permanently and constantly contactable, our phones ringing at any hour, our e-mails and text messages ready to be read anywhere… even the public washrooms! People having conversations are rarely in physical contact with whom they are speaking, nor are they aware of their surrounding world. Technology in this respect has made us permanent sleep talkers. We ignore the people around us, too focused on the disembodied voice on the other line. When we visit different countries, we miss out on the beauties those places offer, our minds in a virtual world. These are typical displays of how we are getting less connected with the reality, our relations now being sustained through unlimited technological contact, yet limiting our interactions with the physical people with whom we can build new, live relationships.


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