My Generation: “Always On”

By Bettina Rezai

Sherry Turkle’s essay “Always On” speaks about how technology is affecting our everyday lives in this generation. For some of us, it has taken some form of our identity. Her outcome of the essay seems to touch most on trying to raise awareness to audiences who may not use it as much, those who are skeptical, and to those who use it so regularly, that most often don’t think about how big its impact is in our world. We are more attached to technology rather than direct connection with people – how often do we talk to people via MSN or Facebook than engaging in a face to face conversation?

Turkle addresses all different categories in a subtle way, without the need to judge or portray which group one should fall in whatsoever. This essay was a good source for groups 1-3. Turkle speaks in a freestyle language that can be understood by a wide age range. She uses repetition, though some readers may see it as meaningless, others may use it as a way of digesting her points with more precision. Furthermore, she divides the essay with headings, therefore reading the entire essay is not quite necessary, considering how only a few of the headings will relate to us individual readers.

Every audience comes with an expectation. I am a regular user of the world wide web, and truthfully I cannot see my world without it. My education requires me to go online to obtain my homework assignments. My family members who live overseas get in touch with me via email or thought instant messaging. For the most part, people feel that this process of communication is perhaps the quickest, effortless way. A high percentage in the way I communicate with others revolves around technology.

On the other hand, the essay is not as accessible to all; those who fall into the category of not knowing a world without technology. Clearly, without the knowledge of it, they cannot relate to this essay entirely. I think this because it speaks in a language where only those who have seen or heard of technology can value the paper. Nor can it relate to those who cannot read well enough to interpret this essay, whether it may be children or adults. Though there are ways they can still gain knowledge of technology and its affects, via watching a television documentary, or on a website such as YouTube.


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