“Faith” in Electronic Literature

By Brendan Brooks

The kinetic poem “Faith” is meant to mirror the development of mankind’s faith. The piece starts with an illuminated Faith at the top of the screen. Like within our lives, the word faith remains ever present throughout the piece. The poem then is showered by logic. Normally logic is the one thing that can challenge faith. Faith is a belief in something that exists outside of logic and truth. It is a belief based off of experience and emotion. So naturally as logic literally begins to rain down upon our faith, faith remains unaltered. Then four simple words are formed, “logic can’t bend this” referring to how logic often times can’t compete with faith. Then the poem begins to expand as more words appear. Now the poet begins to test our faith as we all must do at some point. The poem talks about edging out logic and having the mind press on. These words seem to suggest a struggle with faith and logic.

With a third click of the mouse the poem unfolds even further. The poem has reached its adolescence in a way. No longer can the can faith exist with four simple words it now requires much deeper reflection. With the fourth click we are now at the point where the poem takes its leap of faith. Though we are much more firm in our faith we also now see holes in our logic. No longer is it water down as the poem describes but it has now taken on the characteristics of a fine wine. Long has our faith sat and fermented over time to become something fine and valuable. We get a much more complete poem at this point before the word leap appears and grows to consume the entire screen at the end.

At the last click of the mouse the poem begins to deconstruct itself. The words fall into a huddled mass at the bottom of the screen. We are taken back to another simple poem of four words “just to sum up”. Those four words are the remnants from the four versus of the poem. We spend all this time building up faith and then in our final challenge it breaks. At the end, faith comes to rest on the pile of words left over from the leap and is given new words which to build upon. The final image we get expresses how even though we loose faith and have our faith shattered we can still rebuild. Our faith has gone through a transformation but is never truly gone.



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