Marsha’s Site Falls

“The Fall of the Site of Marsha” is an interactive homepage created by Rob Wittig. The page is devoted to Marsha’s favourite subject, angels, specifically throne angels. Marsha invites other people to share angel stories on her site, and she invites throne angels to come and play, which is a big mistake, as these throne angels are not friendly. Also involved in the site is her husband Mike and her best friend Bits. As the seasons progress from spring to summer to fall Marsha’s homepage gets vandalised more and more by these angels, and she falls further and further into madness. We also learn during this time that Bits and Mike are having an affair, which may not be affecting Marsha directly but adds to the moral degradation of Marsha’s website and provides ammunition for the throne angels that torment her.

Marsha’s webpage is has an amazingly authentic feel about it. This could easily be a real MySpace page or blog. It has the generic amateurism that is the mainstream of many internet sites. It has the goofy links (to Angel Haven, an online store for all your archangel needs), has the tacky repetitive wallpaper and is plastered in gifs and images of angels. All these factors combine with the perfect writing style to create a homepage with a real genuine feel to it. The style that Rob Wittig employed in writing this piece was perfect, feeling like an exact copy of real amateur homepages and blogs. What starts off as a happy, light hearted webpage turns progressively shadier, with the final product being a very dark conclusion to Marsha’s initial joyful creation. This progression is brought about by the abuse of the throne angels and the infidelity of Mike and Bits.

The progression from happy and joyful to doom and gloom affects every part of Marsha’s website. Besides what the throne angels are specifically writing, the colours of the page get progressively darker, spelling errors crop up and pictures and links are changed. Side conversations between Bits, Mike and Marsha become uglier, and a sense of general evil, pain and suffering takes over the site. The throne angels writing is the worst of it, being provocative and spiteful. Mike and Marsha do what they can to stop the abuse, but they fail, and Marsha slips into insanity.

Rob Wittig’s creation is a perfect replica of many homepages and blogs found across the internet. The style of writing and overall amateur feel of many online blogs is perfectly simulated in Marsha’s throne angel page. At the continual abuse Marsha slips away and her throne homepage falls into a darker and darker form of disrepair. As a copy of contemporary internet blogs and homepages, The Fall of the Site of Marsha is very close to perfect. Its atmosphere, writing and images work together perfectly. This perfection combined with the destruction of the site and of Marsha by the angel’s abuse creates a very good piece of online literature.

Owen Stewart


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