In My Head

Position Paper #2

Film: In My Eye

By Jessica Brodeur

I didn’t enjoy the film “In My Eye” after the first time I saw it during our in-class screening. I was left feeling ripped off, because for a film student’s project, it lacked showing the full potential of the student. There was no script, no real plot line, and I was left a little confused by the end. Even though the film work was colorful and entertaining, I felt like that was trying to make up for the lack of unique footage.

I decided not to say anything about my opinion during the panel. However, I couldn’t resist sneaking in a question about how the filmmaker felt about using other people’s footage in his film. In a few short responses my point of view was changed. After talking to the maker briefly about his heritage and the separation of Korea as a country, the film was contextualized for me. I realized that, given the opportunity, he would have been in the action filming in a heartbeat. The borrowed footage was a reflection of what he hoped to achieve one day: bringing a voice to his people through his camera lens. Showing the world what is really going on in hopes off peace efforts, and comparing our culture to his.

“In My Eye” is really more of a documentary than a short film, even though it contains aspects from both. The bright, glamorous, and fast-paced parts really mirror the society here in North America: “western” society. The faded black and white propaganda footage represented the maker’s view on the modern state of Korea. The contrast was interesting because of the lighting, color, speed, and chaos that is apparent in the cultural differences.

The part with the closeup of the eye was interesting too, because it made me realize the intention of the message: the maker’s point of view. A reason why I wasn’t understanding or enjoying it at first is because I had seen it only threw my experience, which is a lot different than from a Korean immigrant to Canada.


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