WHO’S THE NEWS: Profile 2

The second in a series of introductions to the people participating in next week’s WHO’S THE NEWS panel – a CNET INFO Week Event.

Who: Marlyn Graziano

What: Panelist

When: Thursday, March 26th at 11:30am

Where: Birch 168, Capilano University

Marlyn Graziano

Marlyn Graziano

Why: Because Marlyn Graziano is the editorial director for Canwest Community Publishing. A Carleton journalism graduate, Graziano began her journalism career as a reporter with the South Delta Today in August 1989. Throughout the ensuing years, she was reporter and editor at a number of newspapers in the Lower Mainland Publishing Group (later to become part of Canwest Community Publishing). She was named editorial director in 2000. Graziano runs the community publishing group’s internal wire service, spearheads editorial training and recognition programs and is editor and associate editor of a number of the group’s vertical products. She co-ordinates group and regional projects and initiatives, and works with reporters and editors as they explore new online content initiatives.She advises publishers on editorial issues and is the editorial liaison with other Canwest newspapers.


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