What Do Other Departments Do?

This afternoon, we are participating in panel at Capilano where we (Margaret Dulat, Brian Ganter and Aurelea Mahood) have an opportunity to describe our program to our colleagues.  A little bit of an “in-house show and tell” alongside colleagues from Continuing Education and elsewhere.

This comes on the heels of this morning’s well attended Bill Gibson lecture featuring Brian Lamb, UBC’s Emerging Technologies Director.  Brian’s Abject Learning blog is a nice complement to this morning’s talk and many of the ideas that we explore in CultureNet.



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2 responses to “What Do Other Departments Do?

  1. I feel like an idiot. If I had done a bit of investigation I might have known about this work before I came to visit Capilano… And I might have rearranged my schedule to allow me to sit in on the session this afternoon. The descriptions I heard this morning sounded amazing, and I am so impressed by my first pass through the CultureNet universe.

    Consider me subscribed, reading and clicking.

  2. Aurelea

    And likewise if I had done a some reading around before your May talk at Capilano, I would have known about Open Education out at UBC this coming August! But thankfully you turned up at our campus and now I am attending Open Ed (as well as giving a paper)!

    Can’t for the conference and the opportunity to spend a few days with you and other like-minded people!

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