New School Year, New Projects

Public Knowledge Project

Public Knowledge Project

This year students in the CultureNet English 100 seminar will be the first group of Capilano students to produce a peer-reviewed eletronic journal.   We will be using OJS (Open Journal System) – an open-source journal management and publication tool produced by the Public Knowledge Project.

Over the course of the Fall and Spring terms, students write editorials, reviews, and articles to populate the journal.   They will take on the role of section editors, reviewers, and writers.  We will spend the Fall term determining possible editorial directions for the sections as we work through our course readings, head off on field trips, and host various guest speakers.

The agony and the ecstasy of this endeavor will be reported on throughout the process.   The next OJS + CAP post will feature write ups on similar student-driven projects elsewhere in Canada as well as links to various Canadian and international journals using the OJS platform.

And with that, off to our first classroom meeting and a screening of STEAL THIS FILM II

Aurelea – CNET + ENGLISH Instructor


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