Coming Attractions

CNET Friday Seminars and Beyond

FALL 2009

OCT 16 | RIP: A Remix Manifesto

Culture Always Builds On the Past: Did Muddy Waters build on the blues? And did Led Zeppelin build on Muddy Waters? Does Girl Talk need permission to build on all of it? Join CNET English 100 students in a Friday afternoon screening of Brett Gaylor’s provocative NFB documentary on copyright, creativity, and the future. A moderated discussion will follow. Light refreshments served. Running time: 1hr 26min.

1pm | Location TBA

OCT 20 – NOV 5 | E-LIT Fall Forum, 2nd edition

CNET English 214 students will be cozying up with the ELC1 (Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 1) later this fall. They will also be taking a lead roll in the second edition of our electronic forum with digital writers from around the globe. Last year’s contributors included J.R. Carpenter, Donna Leishman, and Brian Kim Stefans.  This year we will be working with Megan Sapnar Ankerson, Sharif Ezzat, and Chris Joseph.  The E-LIT Forum will be hosted and archived on CultureNet @ CapilanoU.  For more information see or contact Aurelea Mahood:


Join CNET English 100 students in a Friday afternoon excursion to the Contemporary Art Gallery for a guided tour of Paying Homage.  This CAG exhibit explores the relationships between artists and what it means to pay homage to the past.  This tour will build on many of ideas introduced in RIP and take them into a gallery setting.

1pm | 555 Nelson Street | RSVP: Aurelea Mahood,


In preparation for the production of the CNET English 100 student e-journal, a team of local editors – including Jenny Penberthy and Tamara Lee from THE CAPILANO REVIEW – will be answering the question “what do editors do” at a Friday afternoon panel discussion.  All are welcome.  Light refreshments served.

1pm | Cedar 237

NOV 20 | PKP + OJS, An Introduction

The CNET English 100 student e-journal will be produced using the Public Knowledge Project‘s open-source software named OJS (Open Journal System).  The PKP is jointly supported by scholars, librarians, programmers and developers associated with Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, Stanford University, and Arizona State University.  Local PKP member James McGregor will be joining us for a Friday afternoon talk designed to bring the newly introduced up to speed on the world of PKP and OJS.  All are welcome. Light refreshments served.

1pm | Cedar 237


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