Why We Read

Ashley Geiger

Aurelea Mahood

English 214 – 01

Due Sept. 24, 2009

Why Read???

Why is it that so many of us are addicted to reading?  While in line at the grocery store we are reading the titles and headlines of the gossip magazines around us, while getting onto the bus or skytrain we are handed copies of the disposable free papers we have become as a group addicted to reading.  I am using reading for the taking in of the written word, it can be online or signs and advertisements on the sides of streets, not always the book.

If we were to sit in an airport or bus station we would see people on their computers where they need to be able to read in one form or another to know what is going on, even if just recognizing the symbols put forth.  Reading has become a famous past time because not only is it easy and convenient it makes life more simple.  Living in such a fast paced environment we have become strangers to sitting around and doing nothing.  We as a society are always on the go doing something otherwise we think we are wasting our time.

Reading gives us the wonderful experience of “time well wasted.”  We are able to browse the internet and immediately get up to date information on what is going on in the world around us.  We are connected to our friends at all times. While our friends and ourselves are busy at work or some event where being on the phone might be considered inappropriate we have the use of text messages again creating the need to read.

It seems that the reason we read is more of a way of keeping up to date and informed on the world around us.  We become filled with some useful and much useless information that perhaps helps keep us entertained while doing out tedious day to day tasks.  We use reading as a distraction from boredom or uncomfortable situations such as dining out alone.  As a society books are becoming less and less popular but the use of reading is increasing in so many great other ways.

We read as an escape, to go on an adventure, or to look up information we feel will help us in one way or another.  We read to gain understanding we may not fully understand or to gain other perspectives.  We read to fill the gaps between time and we read our own journals and messages from friends to replay our lives and the lives of those around us.


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