The Book, as a part of us.

Books do many things for us. The Book is not just a cover, not just a binding that contains numbered pages but rather a storage device for information. It gives us the ability to record information so we can go back at a later time and recover it. It also lets people who want to share information and people who want to receive information the perfect median to do so. What started out as a small aspect of human society has turned into a large machine that keeps on going. “Humans in their nature copy things” (1). Reproducing ideas, refining ideas and the combination of ideas to create something new help keeps the machine going.  There is an obstacle that prevents the machine from going. When people try to put a fence around culture and claim it as their own. They are taking culture away from the people because they want to charge and/or limit people’s to access the information. As Marshal McLuhan said, “It would be a mistake to suppose… book is becoming obsolete. It means rather the book, as it loses its monopoly as a cultural form, will acquire new roles”. (2) The book will change and adapt to suit us. While a book can be anything, the mainstream concept of a book will change. It will suit us in a better way. It is also possible that the book doesn’t need changing in a cultural form, but rather the people. It could be that one people start writing under creative commons licenses and releasing books to the public domain that the book doesn’t need to change.

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