Why read?

The question of, “Why read?” has popped up in many people’s thoughts from time to time, especially when they are forced to do it. Perhaps the following reasons will motivate these people and assure them there is a purpose even if the material isn’t entertaining. Firstly, it will allow one to become a better reader. Reading is one of the most important life skills. People who are unable to read, or cannot read very well have little chance of being successful in life. The only way to improve reading skills is to read more! Secondly, it boosts the reader with more knowledge. Reading newspapers, books, magazines, and so on allows the individual to become a more intelligent person. From studies in school to current events, reading keeps the individual informed, educated and up to date. It also allows the individual to understand how to write well and gives them examples of what good writing looks and sounds like. Reading, along with experience inspires writing. Additionally, it strengthens the individual’s vocabulary. Expanding and challenging one’s horizon in literature allows them to become a better reader and tackle more ambitious material, therefore expanding their own variety in word choices as they increase on the level of literature they consume. Finally, reading shapes one to be a better all-around person. Morals and lessons in anything from children’s stories, newspapers or magazine articles, all the way up to advanced novels teach the reader important life lessons and just how to be a good person in general. They allow the reader to become a well rounded, personable individual who can communicate well. These concrete reasons to read may make one feel better about being forced to read a piece they don’t necessarily enjoy, but hopefully each reader continues of their own accord because there are pieces out there that naturally entice oneself to consume literature.


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