The power of reading

Why read? The written word can become any journey your imagination creates. Every book can be interpreted in an infinite amount of ways. To read is to experience something exceptional and memorable.

Reading is a very powerful adventure into the human imagination. It gives the ability to experience anything in the world to everyone in the world. It provides a gateway to fact and fiction for masses to enjoy. In today’s world of technologies like virtual reality and the many genres of video entertainment it is easy to become lost amongst the visual effects and impressive sounds. However, once you compare these technologies to the reading of the written word unlike the listening of the spoken word, which many of these technological feats implement, the choice becomes clear for many that reading is a superior experience. The written word is a much more powerful tool because every time a book is read by the same person for the 3rd, 5th, 10th, or even the 100th time it is a new interpretation and a new journey. Although an author of a book may have had his or her own spoken word concept of how that book should have been interpreted he or she ‘can alter nothing, neither an impression, an idea or an intellectual mood’ of how that book is experienced by its readers. Whether it is to go on a new and exciting adventure or to escape the pressures of everyday life, reading is an endless supply of enjoyment and wonder for all that choose to read.

The best reason to read is to become lost like Socrates because in today’s world of certainty in sound bites and the seemingly know-it-all attitude of the media where else can one become lost in their own imagination. To read is to hold the power of experiencing anything imaginable.


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