position paper 1

How Tethering a teen with a cell phone can be a bad idea dependant on the child.

I will give you two examples of this from my own personal experience. I wish to begin with my fourteen-year-old daughter currently in grade ten. Attached to her cell phone at all times. Had to remove the phone when my wife and I discovered she was sending and receiving text messages at two o’clock in the morning on school nights. Right now, she has been without her best friend for three days. She has yet to spend any time with the family, so that by her admission it will be easier to get back into the groove of texting with her friends. When she earns her cell phone back.

Our son twelve years old in grade seven, could care less about his cell phone.

He does however realize it does have it’s benefits. It allows him more freedom. He can cover a lot more area in a day if he has his cell phone because he understands that wecan reach him when required. The only real problem with our son is getting him to remember. Turn on your phone when you venture out. Charge your phone! not when it dies completely but overnight on a regular basis. Once this becomes a reality it is a great way to enable our son to have more freedom at a younger age.

There is good and bad to this in m y opinion. On the one hand I like the safety it brings to my children as well as myself. I still however do not like the way it disconnects us as a family.

Word Count: 293
Turkle Always-On/Always On You: The Tethered Self (The tethered teen paragraph 7 page 127)


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