2% Battery Left

I can barely remember a time when I completely sat in silence. My thoughts and movements have almost become linked to the beat of my Ipod Touch and the rhythm of my speech in tune with the quick clicks of my 13″ Macbook Pro’s keyboard. Now when I attempt serenity and turn off my phone, I don’t feel at peace because of the anticipation of voicemail messages, missed calls, and even emails as a result of such. A realization sets in that because of all the aids I have at hand via technology, the more productive I should be and therefore the more I’m expected to do. My alarm clock, my electric toothbrush, and my hair dryer all condense my morning activities into a 15 minute block as I check them off with the Ical application on my Iphone. There is no reason why I shouldn’t respond back to a friend or acquaintance since avoidance is nearly impossible. If you can’t reach him by phone, text him. If you can’t text him, facebook him. And if he’s not on your facebook’s friends list then he’s probably not your friend anyways.

Technology has exposed me to a sense of freedom by being able to allow me to explore pretty much anything I want. What is Uganda’s national symbol? Let me google that. Where can I find out how to get the best pizza in town? Mapquest. With all this engrained freedom, I also come to the conclusion that it is controlling me rather than me controlling it. I am no longer just a spiritual being, I’ve been projected into the realm of technology as an avatar of my own physical self. A pixelized version of reality is something I’ve grown to depend on because ignorance is not bliss anymore, it’s unsettling. Being human is no longer measured by the tips of the fingers or octave of the voice but rather the capacity to be two places at once, efficiently commanding an army of technological devices, and being tapped into a sea of information where you have no excuse not to know what you should. Like a junkie, I feel withdrawals of not having my phone on me or forgetting to check my facebook for the latest gossip. An anxiety sets in of not being connected to my ‘reality’ or expunged from the loop. Ipod, Ical, Iphone, Ilife – when did I get robbed of my sense of ‘I’ to electronics? I struggle in panic to find my charger as my Macbook dies…


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