In Sherry Turkle’s writing “Always-On/Always-On-You: The Tethered Self” she discusses the sense that people cannot keep up with their own life, and are feeling less in control, “People develop the sense that they cannot keep up with their own lives.”(130). I disagree and find that people feel more in control of their life due to the increase in technology, and can keep up with their own lives. There are lots of different types of technological communication whether that be internet or cell phone they both help us keep in control. You can connect with others verbally or instant message people within seconds, both of these help people connect with others and keep in control of what’s going on around them. The advancement of technology has not only kept people in contact with others it can also be used as a form of online diary to keep in contact with yourself.

Technology helps people be in control because without advanced technology there would be no way to keep in touch with friends and family if they are half way across the country. Although technology is used as a communication device it can also be used to do other things such as: store and take pictures, be used for entertainment, and work, all of these advancements of technology can be used to keep up with one’s own life.  The idea of someone communicating on their phone constantly is not necessarily losing control of their life because it is a form of communication and might be a necessity in their life. Taking pictures and storing them on your computer is also a way of keeping up with your own life, for example you can look back at these and it can be a reminder of the past. Because of the technological advancement of social communication it has helped connect others and you to make it easier to keep up with our own lives.


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