The Betrayal

People have given up what is most sacred to them; their conscience. They haven’t done this willing or knowingly. The bombardment of advertisement from every angle has finally seeped into us and has become part of who we are. It is this constant relaying of mass made messages where the betrayal has happened. We no longer make friendships to have a shoulder to cry on, someone to drink with, or go to the new blockbuster. We make friends so we can recite unintelligent dribble that’s been openly forced into us without any of us thinking twice about it. In Hari Kunzru’s short story “Raj, Bohemian” the Narrator comes to the sad realization that all of his friends are selling him something wether that is their intention or not. We have become a brained washed and without knowing it we are doing work for companies that we have no ties to.

The Narrator of “Raj, Bohemian,” can’t seem to escape from being pitched some new and useless product. His eyes have been opened and that he thought were his friends have become constant sellers of new things. This is the betrayal. Wether we know that we’re doing it, like Raj, or if we are indirectly doing it like Wei Lin, we added something to our friendships and it’s a cancer spreading, soon becoming everything that we ever hear from any of the people we associate our selves with. Even the Narrator had thought that he had found someone that was different, that hadn’t been consumed by the rising tide of advertisement. However, this was not the case, this someone also had become of the advertising movement. This leads us to question what is sacred about friendships? We rely on the constant repetition of catchy advertising slogans for conversation.

We have lost a bit of ourselves and filled it with repetitive dribble called advertising. We are more like the Narrator of “Raj, Bohemian” then we think; we, like the Narrator, have the advertising cancer too. It is this unwanted attribute that has caused us to relate to people through mass made media thrash and because of that we have lost a part of friendships and that is the biggest betrayal.


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