Ashley Geiger

Interactive Fiction in Galatea

In the works of Galatea by Emily Short, the use of interactive fiction is used.  Interactive fiction, is similar to a “choose your own adventure book” where the reader has some influence on how the story turns out.  The reader types in conversation pieces and actions and directs the story to influence how it ends and what information is gained throughout the tale.

In Galatea the story begins with you as the reader in a museum with the piece of  Galatea herself.  She is alive and has a story to tell you if you can ask her the right questions.  This piece of electronic literature is a text based interaction between you and Galatea in which I found the function was to get as much information as possible from her and see where it would lead to in the end.

I found that the Interactive Fiction piece of Galatea however was quite difficult to navigate.  The first time or two was wonderful I could type different things and hear her different stories but even by the second time I started to see a pattern.  Every time I used it I seemed to gain the same information in just a slightly different order.  It could very easily be that I was not inventive enough to come up with different situations or possibly that the work had a lot of stipulations.

As I was navigating through the piece I would occasionally come up with what I thought was a brilliant idea for a change in subject matter but the response always came up that that topic wasn’t interesting or that I couldn’t form the question into words, or even possibly that neither of us had much to say on the topic.  Frustrating as it sometimes was the idea of interactive fiction seems like a great one.

Still relatively new or at least not overly popular yet I think the growth of this type of literature is still to come.  With the growth and popularity of this literature I think amazing things will be added where it will seem like you are actually talking to a real person.  The character Galatea was quite well written and her attitude made her an intriguing character.

One of the things that I loved best about the Galatea piece was that there were no graphics.  I enjoyed reading the text and being able to imagine the setting the way I wanted to see it as opposed to how the artist might have wanted it seen.  A picture is worth a thousand words but to be able to use your own imagination is priceless.



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  1. ” A picture is worth a thousand words but to be able to use your own imagination is priceless.”
    …One of the reasons novels are so much better than electronic literature!… (In my opinion 😛 )

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