It’s Like a Campfire!

I, You, We
By: Dan Waber and Jason Pimble

I, You, We, is a collaborative piece of 3D visual poetry, created by Dan Waber and Jason Pimble, which can be found in ELC1. This piece is extremely simple yet immensely complex all in the same click. The reader/viewer is presented with one of two options in order to bring the piece to life. The reader/viewer can passively sit and wait for the piece to start (this takes less than 10 seconds) or they can randomly scroll the mouse across the screen creating their own viewing. Well this piece requires little to no interactivity from its reader/viewer, it somehow manages to captivate its audience with its spiralling 3D image. The reason for this captivity well not apparent, are rather intriguing. 3D images are not something that traditional readers are use to encountering (perhaps the rare exception may be your favorite pop-up book as a child). Waber and Pimble successfully create an ever-changing 3D image on a 2D screen. The three dimensional aspect of this piece creates a sensational eyegasm for the audience. Words are swirling, twisting, turning, and gyrating in every direction, making it impossible to focus on “reading” the piece. The word “I” appears in a rustic auburn tone directly in the center of the screen, which inadvertently creates the only true focus within the piece, as the “I” is the only word that does not move. After the introduction of the word “I,” the audience is hit with the repetition of the word “you,” appearing in a mid blue hue, whose job it is to circumnavigate the word “I.” After “I” and “you” début, “we” appears in olive green tones cautiously whispering to the world “here I am in the foreground, don’t forget about me.” After the pronouns have successfully made their way onto the screen, the audience is bombarded with a hunter green profusion of random verbs (and the occasional noun) that vie for your soul attention. This piece becomes addicting, begging its audience to ascertain as many hunter-green words as possible, all while creating a mesmerizing, hypnotic state of three dimensional euphoria. Well I, You, We’s concept is arguably one of the simplest pieces of ELC1 it still manages to engage its audience creating a pleasurable, unrepeatable 3D viewing experience.


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