E-Lit Forum – Guest Blogger 2

Sharif Ezzat is an Egyptian-American multimedia artist based in San Francisco. In 1998 he co-founded Good Food Productions, through which he works in a wide variety of digital media, from web sites and interactive installations to multimedia performance.  Sharif develops the artistic dimensions of his work through many collaborations and participation in international exhibitions. His work has been featured by Adbusters, the San Francisco International Film Festival, and the Electronic Literature Organization. Each year he dedicates a portion of his time to helping produce the Arab Film Festival in California, providing print, web, and motion graphics design expertise.

Arab Film Festival

Look for Sharif’s opening post on Sunday, October 25th.  He will be writing about his piece Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky, which was anthologized in the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 1.  Later in the week on Thursday, October 29th he will be responding to the questions posed by the English 214 students here at Capilano University.



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