Connecting Stars, Connecting Lives

What is it about the glimmering points in the sky that fascinate us so? What is it about them that has compelled all man at some point in his life to stare at them in wonder; wonder about what secrets or wisdom they hide? “Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky,” an electronic literature piece created by Sharif Ezzat, is a captivating contemplation of the power the celestial has in connecting all people through the sharing of stories and relationships.

Within the first seconds of playing, the reader is lulled into the dreamlike world of Ezzat’s stories, a soft, soothing voice titillating the reader’s interest by asking him what stories he should unveil to the listener. As each question formulates: “Shall I tell you of my love…my sister…my water…”, so do appear different glowing dots on the screen, submerging the reader in a serene, inviting celestial landscape; stars beckoning the curious stargazer to unveil the stories they protect. Within this night sky, Ezzat shares nine poetic stories related to family or other relationships, leaving us to discover that our own stories, and the stories of those in our lives, are as beautiful and numerous as the crystals above.

“Like Stars” is an inspiring and enchanting piece in its innovative and elegant representation of how we are all connected by the stars above. As we are initiated into the piece with an Arabic speaker, we enter a land of stories; a desert, a campfire, and a group of people all in silence listening to the words of wisdom contained in the tales of an elder beneath a velvet sky speckled with silver.  As we lose ourselves in this surreal universe, we stare into the sky’s vastness and trace a path of discovery and connection. We control this journey through the stars to quench our thirst of curiosity of discovering the tales in the sky, but find that we have but mapped our own stories, each star’s confession merely an insight to the ones that already resided within us. Ezzat gracefully reveals the poetic way in which the sharing of our lives and experiences with the scintillating wonders above connects us all; our stories interweaving in the night, uniting us in a world free of borders, our universal language understood through the reading of stellar beauties. “Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky” is a mesmerizing and engrossing piece of electronic poetry, its illuminating effect leaving the reader staring up searching for his star. Staring up to share his story with the world.

-S F-H


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