Review of Kerry Lawrynovicz’s “Girls’ Day Out”

This piece of electronic literature is composed of three parts, all very thoughtfully put together and quite passionately written. The piece does not have music of sound like a lot of electronic literature does. The lack of sound and music to me added to the serenity of the piece.
It starts off with a lovely poem about the author and her sister going riding together, something that is undoubtedly nostalgic reflection, and then transforms into a pieced together poem from the words of the first reflecting on dead bodies found where the girls had been riding. Lawrynovicz does a wonderful job of capturing the sentiment of the situation and the eeriness of it.
The poem was based off of factual events, the place where the sisters used to go riding ended up being closed down because dead bodies were found there. Lawrynovicz does a wonderful job of capturing the uncanny feeling the girls must of felt reading the reports that the place they used to ride ended up being a graveyard to unsolved murders.
One of the things that I think really added to the effect of the piece was that Lawrynovicz used actual words from reports on the investigation of the bodies. I think that this piece was really thought out and it actually gave me goose bumps reading it. I have gone riding with my sisters before and the thought that it could be possible that where we rode women were murdered is just a devastating thought.
I also really enjoyed the effects the piece used. The piece was divided into three segments and each one used slightly different effects. The poem for example once you finished reading it you clicked and then certain words would fade out leaving just a few. This would continue for a few pages. When the words faded out, that’s when the poem went from the happy recollection of riding with her sister to the terrible fact that bodies were found.
The author’s note on the other hand was just a scroll that explained the work and kept things simple. I thin the simplicity of it helped us realize how possible this is to happen to any of us with one of our fondest memories. It is not a stretch in this day and age that terrible things can be discovered and effortlessly change a wonderful memory into a terrible realization.
The shards part of the piece was one in which words were streamed in unusual order. It was in this part that I wasn’t quite sure in which order I was supposed to read the words. Again when you clicked on the screen the words would change but rather than just fade out the effect was more of an artistic effect. The words almost danced around and the letters were rearranged to create new meaning.

Ashley Geiger


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