Review of Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky: Enchanting and Uplifting

Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky is an interactive piece of poems scattered across a starry sky. In the background, certain stars glow blue. These glowing stars hide first, a title, and then once explored further, each star houses an elegant poem. In the background we can hear what sounds like a blowing of wind chimes and birds singing. This piece’s interactivity is in the form of scrolling your mouse over these glowing stars to reveal a poem; each poem tells a story about love, family and life.

 Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky is an enchanting and wonderful piece. The stars serve as a greater power, as the connection of all life forms; From water, to land, to family and to love these stars serve as portals. Each one reveals a new lesson of life.

I loved having the background music play as I read the poems out loud. I found that the music was soothing and enabled me to picture the setting and time of the poems. Also the background of flashing stars made me feel at peace. It was as if I could worry about only what was going on in poem I was reading at that time; no other cares or stresses of my life were present. Each poem told a story, a story of struggle, life and meaning.

In my opinion, Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky successfully captivates its readers. It is a soothing and humbling interactive piece that enables the reader to relax and travel to a specific poem. The interactivity, the music and the flashing and soothing background put the reader at ease, and allow them to travel to the time and place of the specific poem they have clicked on; it allows them to create the setting for themselves and to experience the each story in their own eyes. This piece is not exclusive to a particular group or type; in fact I would recommend this piece to anyone and everyone.


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