Evolution of Journalism



Open Journal System

Journaling has evolved over time. It use to be that one would have a diary of some sort, and in the diary, would write there thoughts, poems, streams of consciousness, or whatever else they felt like. Now as we move forwards in a time where technology has advanced and changed, journaling can be done online through websites such as the Open Journal System.

The Open Journal System website, close to something of the blog site types, allows people of different backgrounds to publicly publish their work. In a sense it is much like a newspaper, but completely online.

Not only is it a place to publish work, and share work, and ultimately gives the experience of being an author, it also gives someone a chance to take on the role of an editor, or a peer reviewer.

While is great for individuals and their own use, the OJS I feel can also give a leg up to aspiring journalists and columnists. The OJS archives all work that the author chooses to publish, and therefore it’s easy for them, as well as others visiting their page, to pull things up when the need arises. It gives a systematic way to track publications, but also it can also be used as a way to see how the author has progressed and grown in their writing.

Even though it is like a blog, in the sense that anyone can use it for publishing, it goes one step further. The OJS is more complex, and doesn’t seem so juvenile.

I think that this journaling system is a great idea, especially when used for a project that includes many different people with many different ideas and writing skills. As mentioned earlier, it gives the opportunity to be an author, but it also gives the opportunity to experience all the different roles that are real-world jobs in a newspaper-publishing house. Thus far, it is one of the best journaling websites for people who wish to have the freedom to publish whatever it is they want, to get their work out there and accessible.


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