Technology: Friend or Foe

Technology: Friend, Not Foe.

Charles Macaulay

In Kirkpatrick Sale’s article, “Lessons From the Luddites; Setting Limits On Technology,” he makes it clear that he does not like the rapid growth and influence that technology is having on the world. I believe that Kirkpatrick is fighting against the wrong thing. Technology is a anything that makes our lives easier. Yes, Kirkpatrick did say that these technologies are getting more complicated to use, but as time goes on, these technologies will further improve and become easier and more user friendly. An example of this would be the computer. If we look back at the first computers, they were complex, big, depended on more then one person to operate. However, people would be lost if they had to sit back down at a type-writer or write ten page papers by hand. How would they correct themselves when they made that one error? Heck, I bet that

Mr. Sale wrote his entire article on a computer, making mistakes and correcting them every few lines. Also, the other reason that I believe that Kirkpatrick is fighting a battle that should be shifted in other directions is because technology, like the computer, like the car, like a knife and fork, can only do what it is supposed to do only if someone tells that piece of technology to. An example of this is a car. Lets say I step in to a car, that car is not going to do anything until; first I put the key on the car and second start the car. Even then I still need to put my foot on the gas and turn the wheel. What I am trying to say is that industries might be becoming automated, but it is not technology that is doing that. It is the people running the companies, looking to increase their already humungous salaries.If technology was in better hands and could be used to increase profit margins maybe people wouldn’t have to work at all. If technology could take over all of the industrial jobs in the world, leaving people to work jobs that incorporate culture more then stress levels would go lower. There is much more to way Kirkpatrick is wrong to fight against technology, but the person behind the wheel of technology is the biggest problem that industry and nations lively hoods face.


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