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In the film “Steal This Film II” they talk about the effects of pirating and copyrighting and how the development of technology has allowed us to do this much easier. I agree and think that yes, it is true that with the amount of technology we know have today it is easier for us to copy something without even knowing it. As said in the film the development of printing technology, computers, movies, and all other advanced technology it is almost near impossible to stop pirating and copyrighting. File share is a huge concern on the internet and has been ever since it came out; people use it to download movies, games, and music, an example of what use to be a huge file share is Napster. Many lawsuits have been charged to companies like Napster along with people that are using it for free downloads, and is called a network segment. This film mentioned that copyrighting will never stop, and I also agree with that since a lot of people use it for music downloads because it is free. Some people download free music without even thinking that its illegal and some of these people are getting finned thousands of dollars from the record companies that own the song, I believe that they have the right to sue but not ridiculous amounts of money for just a few songs. Another problem that arises in this film is the idea of taking someone’s song and adding something of your own to it to make a remix, and I can see how people would get mad about it and saying that it’s their own, and I for one would probably get mad but this is also something we cannot change. Copyrighting is something that we cannot change at this moment in time, the only reasonable solution at this time seems to be lawsuits, and that’s what the majority of the record and movie companies are doing.


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