E-Lit At Its End? I Think Not.

To some people, electronic literature is but a passing phase. They believe that once the newness of it wears off that will be the end it, but I believe otherwise.

This is an era where technology and mass media are integrated into everyone’s lives. So it will be no surprise to see the newer generations taking quickly to this idea of portable electronic literature. That is because everyone can easily have access to a computer where the e-lit can be accessed anytime at leisure on the site. Another point that may appeal to the new generation is that e-lit does not act like the average book where there are only text to read, making it more easily accepted by the masses.

The beauty of e-lit is that there are various types of e-lit. There are some that allows the reader to ‘talk back’ to the piece or there are those that play like a movie or also some that seem like a video game. E-lit writers/artists have used sound, visuals, and flash media (or the like) to compose their pieces and communicate their points across in their works better. By incorporating all these components together the writer is presenting the reader with a new way of looking at things, different from the classical text in a book. It allows the reader to broaden their view so that they can think outside of the  ‘classical’ definition that is mainly used. This new way of presenting literary works would appeal greatly to the new generations that grew up with a DS in hand because they are familiar with being exposed to these different types of media. Their constant exposure to these types of technology and media when growing up may be the key for e-lit work into becoming more than a creative project that it is seen now.

Though the electronic literatures we read now are still few compared to the amount of books there are, it is still a relatively powerful new source of literature. E-lit has just started its journey into becoming a part of the mainstream literary production and it has no sign of stopping anytime soon but it does still have lots of room to grow.


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