Position Paper #2


Position Paper #2

            The communication between the students and the creators of a few pieces of the e literature that we studied was a refreshing way to organize a class, which introduces the student to such a wide variety of new ideas on, and aspects of literature. The Book of the Book threw us all for a spin and left many of us confused and muddled. Our expectations for what a novel is and will be before, during, and after reading had been skewed and it was hard for some of us to recover and stand back on our feet when assigned to read a novel from a more classic time period, Brave New World. Just as the class began to regain some confidence in our ideas of literature and the book we were introduced to the digital world of E literature. Unsure of what to think of this brand new media we were left with little to do but speculate and question. This is where the author communication became an essential attribute to the course. Receiving answers to our questions the interaction with the authors became a welcome anchor for our judgments and enabled us to come up with our own idea of what e literature should be and is. This time our speculation was held down by solid facts, “straight from the horses mouth.” Like any poem or piece of art from the heart these works had meanings, inspirations, and purpose behind them and it was interesting to discover what these were for the artists in question. A variety of answers from multiple authors really gave variety and helped to establish a common grasp on the ideas offered up. It was especially cool to see the authors so excited to be involved with the class, establishing a connection between us and the material we were reviewing and being taught; establishing a link between “technology” and “culture.”

            An author I would particularly like to see featured in the 2010 E lit forum is a writer/musician/pop culture expert by the name of Nick Cave. I am yet to read any of his books but after reading about his work and listening to some audio samples of his book it seems that he is taking literature on its natural path into the 21st century. He began by writing a book and since turned the book into an application legible on an iPhone and produced an audio book recording of the novel complete with an original soundtrack to match the pace of the story and set the mood. Advertised through a cleverly designed website and promotions in relation to his band “Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds” he is reshaping the path of a boo’s release into the public eye and encompassing in many different ways the aspects that would make a piece of literature fall into the category of E lit.


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