Good Article on the Future of E-lit

While looking for more sources I stumbled on a rather good article by Scott Rettberg, about the future of E-lit within academic study.  He is a professor  at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Late in the post he says that it’s more likely to end up in the domain of studio art programs as opposed to creative writing. He offers a good argument for the issues facing e-lit and where and why it may end up fitting into the academic world. He mentions a few of the pieces and some of the others we dealt with in the ELC1. Although it isn’t totally on topic for my paper, it was a good read none the less and may be of use to someone else. Rettberg actually has quite a few good articles online about digital literature and video games among other things.  Here’s the link if anyone is interested, First Person, Games, and the Place of Electronic Literature. If you go up a level to the posting board there are a lot more articles on similar subjects too.


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  1. Aurelea


    Thank you for sharing this link to Rettberg’s article.
    I am considering creating an E-Lit resources page to complement the E-Lit Forum link on this blog. Ideally, it would be of use to Capilano students and other readers who stumble across it. When I set it up, I will be sure to include this Rettberg article along others of his that I have found useful and suggestive.


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