CNET Friday Seminars

VCN WebTeam

29 January 2010 | Cedar 148 at 1pm | All Welcome

Melissa L. Garcia | Project Manager/Web Designer + Developer

Melissa L. Garcia

Snapshot: Melissa Garcia started the WebTeam in 2008 after spending the last 3 years working with the Vancouver Community Network. She is originally from Venezuela with an academic background in architecture & engineering. Upon her arrival to Canada, she realized that her original education could not facilitate her survival in this country thus out of pure interest in design she picked up some additional skills in web design and development. Those skills are what drives the Webteam and all of the initiatives the WebTeam is involved in. Melissa’s main niche is working and training non-profits atusing WebGui. She also has an 8 year old daughter.

Julia Kozlov | Web Designer, Photo/Videographer, Forensic Student

Julia Kozloc

Snapshot: December 2009 was the last month for Julia at the WebTeam who was their Marketing & Public Relations specialist. Her history with VCN goes back three years  and her experience with web and graphic design roots all the way to when she was 11 years old, bored and curious. Now Julia is 20 and has realized that it is time to focus fully on academia because it sure is difficult to get a degree in Forensic Psychology. Besides attending SFU, she is also an established Vancouver photographer, martial arts enthusiast, SEO specialist, and volunteers for both the Forensic Psychology Lab at SFU and Correctional Services of Canada. In her nonexistent spare time, she also loves to make short-movies and help out at Romantic Child Studios in Gastown. Check her portfolio out at


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