CNET Friday Seminars

Ifny Lachance

FREE GEEK | CultureNet Friday Seminar Series

5 February 2010 | Cedar 148 at 1pm | All welcome

An adventurer, educator and co-founder of Vancouver’s
FREE GEEK Community Technology Centre, a computer re-use and ethical
recycling non-profit. The FREE GEEK model lashes technology to integrity
and interdependence, promoting ethical computer recycling, community
empowerment, and sustainable software.

With roots in remote northern Canadian communities, Ifny has since been
active on the global stage in diverse capacities. In Japan, she taught
experimental music and public relations; in Iran, she lectured on war
and photodocumented everyday life; in Lebanon, she taught photography
and solidarity computing.

Ifny Lachance - FreeGeek

Her uses of technology reveal a strong commitment to transparency,
accessibility and environmental accountability. Her creative
community-building approach has improved refugee protections in Japan,
increased access to technology for Iranian women, and sparked numerous
local projects and events in the Cascadian cycling community.


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