Doing Our Part

Technology is used all around the world, but where does it all go once they’re no longer working or being used? Vancouver is known to be an environmentally benefit to Canada, whether that is cutting down on pollution, recycling, or conserving energy. Nonprofit organizations such as Free Geek are doing their job in helping the environment and community. Free Geek is a community organization that reduces the environmental impact of waste and electronics by reusing and recycling donated technology. They are doing this because a lot of people throw out old electronics without knowing what impact this may have on their own health and the environment. Free Geek recycle and reuse donated electronics because there are many toxins in them such as Lead, Mercury, and cadmium; exposure to these toxins could lead to brain and heart damage. As the co founder of Free Geek Ifny Lachance explains, a lot of computers are donated to poorer countries that recycle these toxic wastes by hand and not caring what effect it can have on the people and the world in general. Not only is Free Geek good for the environment, it also is a good way to volunteer because it gives you an hands on experience when dealing with computers, it requires no training and can teach you how to fix them if you ever have a problem yourself. When my old electronics are no longer a use to me I didn’t consider what happened to them once I threw them out, Free Geek may be a small organization but they are leading Vancouver in the right direction to a better environment. Although computers may only be a small portion of the world’s pollution it is putting Vancouver in the right direction and in addition helping these poorer countries such as China be more environmentally friendly too.


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