Capilano University Cinephile Collective

It’s the most anticipated launch since the iPad: the recently formed Capilano University Cinephile Collective announces its first meetings of 2010. This student group is recruiting new members and writers. Anyone with an interest in talking about, critiquing, or writing about film is welcome. The energies of the collective will be devoted to launching an on-line pdf film journal in Spring 2010. Just like the iPad, the Cinephile Collective easily fits and rotates in your hand to adjust to your sitting position, projects its images in full colour, and offers a much more “intimate” experience than the standard clunky laptop! It also has extended battery life to accommodate frequent viewings of those longer 3-hour arthouse cinema masterpieces. For more information contact Adam Cook at or Culture Net faculty member, Brian Ganter (, who is acting faculty advisor for this new student group.

First Screening: Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, Feb. 9th, 1pm @CSU Lounge
First Meeting: Feb. 11th, 12:30pm @ Maple Room 102

Hope to you see you there!


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