Technology as a Cause for Good

It is impossible to say whether technology has helped our society more or rendered it useless. What matters more than the technology we’ve created as a whole is how people use it against our society. When people created the various technologies we use today, they probably weren’t creating them to cause horrible acts of violence inflicted by either them or other human beings wanting to create terror in our world. It doesn’t depend on the technology created to cause an act of violence, but rather who takes that technology and puts it towards a cause for worse or for better.
Guns and gun control is a good example of a cause of technology. People say that guns are killing people and they were created as a tool to inflict violence. Does this mean that the inventors of guns created them to wreak havoc and cause unbearable acts of violence in the world? The answer is no, probably not. They may have been made in a response to violence, for safety and protection, but probably not to cause violence. The slogan that the National Rifle Association has come up with in response to gun control is, “Guns don’t kill people, people do,” and although I personally don’t like the idea of guns everywhere in our world, this slogan is more accurate then “guns kill.” If a person wanted to commit murder and guns no longer or never existed, he or she most likely would find another way of carrying out the crime, probably a more brutal way like strangulation or blunt force trauma of some kind.
People will always find a way to criticize the technologies that were created, for good or just in general. The invention of the computer and later the internet is a good example. It was created to connect the world and share information to everyone no matter where they lived. Critics are now saying people spend too much time on the computer and are beginning to lack social interaction. Although this may be true, it is ironic because social interaction was what the internet was supposed to help with in our society.
New things will eventually always be created, whether related to technology or not, and some people will use these things for good, and others for worse. In relation there will be people who criticize new creations and others who learn to accept and enjoy them. Therefore it is not up to us as a society to stop technology, but rather learn from the mistakes we may have made in the past and try to encourage people to use technology for good and never for bad.



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2 responses to “Technology as a Cause for Good

  1. gettingitdonemyway

    Very interesting. I like how you associated guns and gun control with technology and where it is headed. Good job!

  2. Hey,
    I was contemplating adding a link back to your website since both of our sites are based around
    the same topic. Would you prefer I link to you using your website address: or web site title: Technology as a Cause for Good | CultureNet @ CapilanoU.
    Please let me know! Cheers

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