Free Geek is a non-profit company that recycles and reuses computers. FreeGeek does a many number of things to help recycle old machinery and reuse them. They dispose of technological equipment in a way that is ethical and safe to the environment, they create and use free and open software, and they promote the use of this software. They also provide a learning centre to educate the community about recycling and reusing technology that is either free or very low cost. Their main goal is to reduce to the impact that technology and electronics puts on the environment. They aim to dispose of the technology that cannot be used, in a way that is safe to the environment. I think that this non-profit organization is a great asset to communities. It allows people to learn about different technologies at a very low cost. It creates an opportunity to be a part of something that is purposeful in trying to right the wrongs that we have created for our planet, and while doing so, it bring the community together. It’s an all-ages centre, so children can start learning at a young age that it isn’t necessary to always have the “newest” computers. It’s possible to have a “new” computer by reusing and refurbishing old parts to build a computer. It’s a great learning tool for children, that hopefully will lead to other decisions in their lives regarding recycling and having less of an impact on the environment. Another interesting thing that FreeGeek offers is the open software’s. Not only is a great way to save on money, but it also gives people the opportunity to
actually learn how to first of all, create a software that works for them, and secondly, it allows free communication between software users. There isn’t a limit of how times you are able to load the software on different computers – there are less restrictions. Open software’s are also more durable against virus’. As someone who is smack in the middle of the technological revolution, this idea of recycling and reusing electronics is something that interests me. If I am able to learn how to save money, and help the environment at the same time, I feel that this is a great learning opportunity. As more and more people become involved with this idea and this non-profit group, I believe that we will come to learn and believe that new isn’t always better – that indeed one persons trash is another’s gold.


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