The 21st Century Library: Library for Community

In today’s technological culture, associating technology with progress and engaging in discourse such as we should prepare for the rapid changing future is dominant in our everyday life. Whether our changing society is primarily because of technology or not, we often feel the fear about the speed of change and feel urgency that we need to do something. This fear or urgency applies to every one in every field. Library is no exception. The role of a library has been changing, and a library in the 21st century library will not be the same as the one in the 20th century. But as George Villavicencio, a librarian of Capilano University Library, said, it is hard to predict what will happen in the future and preparing for the future is not easy. In this context, two librarians, George Villavicencio, and Chris Koth (a librarian of North Vancouver City Library) suggest that library should be ultimately for people. They think library should be community based and provide a space for people who use it.

According to George, the primary role of Capilano University Library is to provide students database services so that they can get articles that they need for their research or other assignments. Library in the 21st century is getting people connected through online to the information that they need. Along with helping people access to databases, he is planning to use the main floor of Capilano Library exclusively open for student or faculty activities. He claims whatever technological development is, the primary focus is on people. City Library faces lots of complicated issues, and Chris starts understanding the residents’ of City of North Vancouver. According to him, City of North Vancouver is very multicultural and a lot f the residents live in apartments, which indicates their space issues. So City Library focuses on settling those issues such as making Multi-language materials, managing computer class, providing internet access room and so on.

I like George and Chris’s idea, because they understand today’s technological culture and try to find ways what they can do, and most importantly, placing people in the center of their future library plan. Truly, there is a demand that we should meet a certain criteria in this technological culture, but what they are reassuring is that it cannot be that way that technology dragging us to a certain level, forcing us to meet a certain criteria but we people are the most important part of technological culture, and we are making culture.

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  1. lippocikarang

    in many developing countries, even the 20th century library type is still hard to find. book/information/reading is not considered as basic needs there.

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