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Ruminating on “Deviant: The Possession of Christian Shaw”

On this autumn morning in Vancouver, the sky is stripped of colour.  The only brightness in this landscape is synthetic and man-made.  Surrounded by dull greys and greens, it is not almost not jarring to enter into the muted world of Donna Leishman’s “Deviant: The Possession of Christian Shaw”.  We click, and begin exploring.  But no, the images (and the provocative use of colour) are as disquieting this time as they were last time.  And so we begin to consider Donna’s posting on “Deviant”, nudging towards the generation of our questions for her to chew.  After a general discussion, the students begin to work in small groups.  Here are their final questions:

1) In your blog post, you state that you often start with what you do not want to achieve. This implies that you possess a primary objective. Is this the case?

2) In your blog post you state that the reader is supposed to feel like a “child protector”, however everything the reader does seems to push the protagonist deeper into his/her possession so where does the feeling of the protector come from within the story?  How does it come about in the beginning?

3)  In the conclusion you make explicit mention of how you go about including the “real story” through the use of invisible rules of engagement and shapes.  Does the reader require prior knowledge of the events surrounding Christian Shaw in order to aquire an understanding of the work?

4) Is all history a kind of folklore “possessed” by the perversions/predilections/preferences of any given community (of readers)?

5) “Deviant” is an incredibly visceral piece: how do you feel your sense of colour plays into creating an intensely physical response to the work?


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